Our farm can accommodate you in four apartments.

Each apartment has its own entrance and has a kitchen, bathroom, living area and everything that you may need. We provide other services including a common vegetable garden with the possibility of having fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables close by. You will also find in each apartment all the materials you need to get around the area independently and if you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to ask us

    This is what distinguished us and for us it is a wonderful thing. But if you expect to come to a place with lots of shopping centres and trendy bars and restaurants, it’s better if we tell you straight away: here there is nothing like that. Here we can offer you total immersion in country life, a relaxing sea view, we can help you find home made granita, recommend places for sea and sun bathing, recommend walks where you will be surrounded by nature and the local wildlife, we can encourage you to try unique local flavours, but there will not be an easy motorway to take you right to the door. You may have to walk in long grass, meet dogs and cats who try to cadge food from you and insects who try to get in as soon as you open the door.
    We believe in some precise values. If you want to read about them go to OUR VALUES. If you share them we are happy to welcome you, if you don’t share them we are still happy if you respect them.
    If you have read the section “What we believe in” you will already know that we are against the killing of animals. But despite this we can’t do anything about it if in our area hunting is permitted in these months of the year and if customs that are considered to be local traditions continue to be very popular and very important. As far as hunting is concerned, on our part we plan to fence the boundaries of our farm and create areas of sanctuary for wildlife. And gradually we will manage to do this. We are certain that this will not disturb your stay because you just hear the odd shot now and again and sometimes it can be just once a week but it is right that you should have the final decision.

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