As for the wine, in the production of olive oil the only raw material present is the fundamental one which in this case means the olives!

The olives come from our trees, which grow on our land which has a beautiful view over the countryside and the sea.

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In total we have around 800 olive trees but fortunately the number is continuing to increase, because whenever we can we try to plant more and more. The olives are mostly of the Gerace quality, a type of tree that is typical of this area and of these we have about 300 that are over one hundred years old, while the rest of the trees are at least 23 years old.

The resulting oil is light and delicate to the taste. Those who have tried it confirm what we as the producers claim: that its taste enhances food without altering its taste. In fact, although you can taste and smell the olives and experience the slightly spicy aftertaste, if the oil accompanies other dishes, it does not become the main protagonist unlike some oils from the south of Italy that often have a much stronger impact.

Attention to quality.

We have an oil press close to our farm that is family managed and of which we own 50%.

This means that we can be certain that we are keeping our promises in terms of quality and control. Because not only do we look after the olive trees ourselves, manage the harvest directly and take the freshly picked olives to the mill to be pressed, but we also have control over the whole transformation process and we personally look after the management of the machinery.