In Nasciri we have values that we believe in and which inspire what we do and our business decisions. These values are our guiding principles because for us Nasciri is not just a farm business, it is also our way of life and the way we see our relationship with the earth on which we live.

For this reason we believe in and we act according to the following values:

  • In EVOLUTION. Discussing things constructively, doing our best to improve and learn what we can from our mistakes, are the key to our way of going forward. And we firmly believe in these actions because they enable us to progress day by day, step by step in the only direction that we want to go: FORWARD.
  • We keep ourselves updated.
    Through relations with experts of the sector, attending  fairs and conferences or even just reading articles and training videos on a day-to-day basis.
  • We like to try out what is “NEW”.
    We like to test the effectiveness of new products when we get the opportunity and to experiment with new techniques at each stage of the production processes.
    For us it is important to be and feel well and it is also important that you are and feel well, from all points of view, after consuming our products.
  • We produce according to organic agricultural methodology.
  • On the land we work only with natural products.
  • We choose natural processes avoiding the use of harmful ingredients and substances that could end up in our bottles.
  • Everything we do we do with Love.
    These three elements are essential ingredients for us. Love is the strength that guides us in our decisions and our daily activities whereas Joy and Positivity are our magnets. We seek everything that is positive and joyous and we are sure that by continuing to think and act in a positive and joyous way these two forces will be attracted by us
  • We work with PositivityLove and Joy.
    And we do this not only as owners, we have specialized personnel who do this too. Because for us a product does you good not only when it is good and is made using healthy ingredients and processes. It does you good for 360 degrees when, in addition to this, those who produce it do so with Love and with the awareness and positivity that they want to make sure that it does YOU good.
    Those who live immersed in nature as we do understand day by day how creative and young nature is, always reaady to change, curious about what’s new and extremely, extremely creative. For this reason we adopt these two ways of being as fundamental values that Nature teaches us more about every day.
  • Creativity.
    For us creativity is not just something that one develops or a way of being, it is also a really nice and enjoyable way of presenting oneself.  For this reason everything we do we do creatively.
  • Transparency.
    We are and we want to be as transparent as children. That is why we don’t hide anything and we do our best to inform you of everything that goes on in our production processes.

And if we do forget to specify something, please ask us!

    Being grateful for what we have and respecting everything and everyone, for us are rules written in stone. And we respect not only those who work for us, whom we consider as an important added value for our business, but we also respect Nature, thanks to whom we are able to produce our products.
    We believe that work is an important team effort in which respect is as important as acknowledging the work of others, and in which each player enables the team to reach its final objective thanks to his or her specific characteristics.
  • Looking after the environment.
    We don’t use any invasive treatments that could damage or in some way cause damage to the environment, to vegetation or people.
  • We recycle.
    We collect all the organic waste which we use to make compost for the vegetables and in general as far as is possible we try to reuse and transform things, giving them new life, so as to have less waste and use everything for longer. For example, most of the furniture that you will find in our apartments come from old pieces of furniture, what was originally in the house or from wood that has been restructured, retransformed and reassembled.
  • We are against the killing of animals.
    We like to think that there is room for everybody and that we all have the right to be respected. For this reason we are not in favour of hunting. And when you enter one of our facilities we would ask you whenever possible to avoid hurting or killing any creatures. A hungry kitten or a country spider that sometimes get in, and that will do nobody any harm, can be accompanied gently to the door.