We have some 7 hectares of vineyards in open countryside that are always exposed to the sun and have a fantastic view of the sea.

The vineyards grow four different vines of which three have red grapes: Aglianico, Greco Nero and Nero Calabrese; and one has white grapes: Greco Bianco. All of the grapes are either typical of the local area, for example Greco Bianco and Greco Nero, or of the south of Italy.

As we do for the production of oil, we also follow the whole production cycle of our wine, from looking after the vines to harvesting the grapes (yes, the grapes all come from our land) and transforming the grapes into wine, and finally the bottling and labelling processes. We have our own wine cellar where we carry out all the necessary checks.

We won’t tire of repeating that the result of our wine depends solely and 100% on our grapes and our processing of them. We don’t add any preservatives or other substances that could adulterate it. Neither do we do anything to enhance the colour or the consistency of the product artificially.


At the bottom of our bottles it could happen that you find some solid residue known as sediment.

This is just a mix of all those components of wine that naturally settle to the bottom. For this reason generally wine is filtered. One of the various functions that filtering can have is to remove sediment from the bottles but a disadvantage of filtering is that you risk losing some of the organoleptic properties that the wine naturally possesses.

This is why we decided against filtering. Because for us it is important that our wine should present and be enjoyed as it is.

Therefore if you do find some sediment in our bottles and you can easily see it as our bottles are transparent, don’t throw it away! You can use it to make tasty risottos or you can add it when you are cooking meat or vegetables.


Given what we have just said, we are certain that you will understand why no two years are alike. Of course, the main characteristics relating to the type of grape remain the same, but the rest depends on the temperature, on how much sun or rain etc. there has been that particular year.

And in our view the fact that each year is unique is fantastic.