We mainly produce organic wine and organic extra-virgin olive oil.

For both of us, these products are precious products. And we really mean it. For this reason, we pay particular attention to the three aspects that in our view and based on our experience, have the greatest and most positive influence on our production and their outcome:

We take an active part in the entire process, from the fruit on the tree or plant to the bottled product.
The raw materials and the production processes start and finish on our farm and this enables us to monitor the entire process either personally or through our trusted staff.
In this way we can ensure that the promises we have made are actually kept.
Why? Because we were there.

Before dealing with the fruit, we look after the trees and the vines.
In our opinion, respecting nature means this too. Obtaining a good and pleasing crop is undoubtedly the aim of every farmer, but we definitely do not forget the most important point. The olive trees and the vines that enable us to produce our products, work for us all year long and we in turn look after them in various ways, such as defend them from parasites using natural methods.

What we care about above all are your and our stomachs.
Like most producers, we want our products to taste good and be of good quality. But we also want you to feel well when you consume one of our products.
For this reason we have chosen a production process that is entirely organic. And that is not all.
We avoid all processes and treatments for the vines and olive trees that could reach the sap and thus the fruit and we don’t use anything that could end up in your glass.

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