We are a farm that produces organic extra-virgin olive oil and wine.
Nasciri in Calabrian dialect means “to be born” and this name fits us perfectly. We truly believe in life, the same life that we see flourishing every day on our land and precisely because it is “full of life” urges us on every day to do, to improve and to grow better all the time.

Nasciri as a business was the result of the will, the work and the dreams of its two founders. Us, that’s Francesca and Domenico – me (Francesca) from the north of Italy and me (Domenico) from the area in which the business is located. After inheriting the family business, we reorganized, transformed and updated it to make it into our business, one that was able to transmit the values that we believe in.

How big is our farm?

Nasciri extends over a total area of approximately 20 hectares of which seven are olive groves, seven are vineyards and the rest grows other crops.
However, we chose to concentrate our energies on the olive groves and the vineyards and in fact we are mainly involved in the production of oil and wine.
We have also equipped some small apartments for farm holidays (or agriturismo as we call it in Italy) so that our customers may not only enjoy a holiday in contact with nature, but they can above all come and visit us.

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Who works at Nasciri?

Francesca and Domenico and our super collaborators, Jaswinder and Sabi. We follow personally the whole production cycle, the care and treatment of the plants and the land, harvesting the fruits and their transformation right up to the bottling (design of the labels included). For us, this is very important because we know what we are giving you from beginning to end and we can guarantee it.

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